The Software Freedom Law Center

Definition of the Software Freedom Law Center

The Software Freedom Law Center gives legal representation and services related to Free, Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS). This began in 2005 with Eben Moglen as the Director-Counsel; the Center is now representing a lot of the most significant and deep-rooted free software and open source projects.


• Licensing
• License Defense and Litigation Support
• Trademark Counseling
• Patent Defense
• Non-profit Organizational Assistance
• Public Education, Legal Consulting and Lawyer Training


Free Software Foundation vs Cisco
This was the only case ever filed by SFLC being a law firm for Free Software Foundation was against Cisco in decemeber of 2008. The Free Software Foundation claimed that Cisco broke terms of their licensing terms when selling products that included code produced by them that was not agreed to be used.

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