Thumbnails & Buzzwords

A thumbnail is a small miniature icon of a display page to be printed. 1 example of a thumbnail is shown below on Windows XP. A thumbnail is more or less used to provide the user of the system some kind of snapshot or graphical idea of many images.



If you open a windowon Microsoft windows xp you can choose the option to view files and folders as thumbnails. When this option is picked it allows you to briefly see the context of the folder or file. Generally the writing is very small but you can make out the context of the file if you know what you are looking for. I think having this option active is a bit more time efficient because it save’s you having to open a number of folders or files in order to view what.

The term thumbnail was originally used to describe a picture that was similar to the size of a thumbnail.

Buzzword is a term for technical jargon. Buzzwords can be impressing to the other and also have no exact meaning in other words be obscuring. But because of the propaganda around that has to do with new and emerging technologies it generally turns most technical terms into Buzzwords.
Many campaniles and organization develop their own terms and buzzwords. 1 example which i think is fair to use is the term E-Learning because it is widely used without any clear deffinition.

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