Todd Howard


Todd Howard was born in 1970 at Lower Macungie Township in Pennsylvania. Todd Howard started his studying at Emmaus High School in Emmaus Pennsylvania in 1989 and later graduated from college of William and Mary in 1993. He was American designer and also he is director and producer. He spends lot of time in video gaming organization and also he started professional career by working as gaming at Bethesda Software in 1994.

Work History

At present he was working as Game Director and Executive at Bethesda Software in Game Studios organization and currently he was develop Game called Fallout 3 and also he are Game Director. The following lists of jobs that he worked in different type of area and different game which are:

•The Elder Scrolls- in Arena
•The Elder Scrolls 2- in Daggerfall
•The Elder Scrolls 3- Morrowind
•The Elder Scrolls 4- Oblivion

At present Todd is Game Director and Executive Producer of Fallout 3 game. In the future Todd was working on the 5th instalment for the Elder Scrolls development is Skyrim that will be release soon in 11/11/2011.


Todd Howard has received many different types of awards during his career are following:

• In 2008 he received winner of E3 for best show
• Game Developer-best game of year
• Game of the year in 2006 from (Video Game Award) VGAs

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