Forum Thread


AThread is a discussion forum, such as e-mail or news to anyone can be said "threaded topics" If the message on the same subject for ease of reading in this way. Furthermore, threaded discussions, users can usually respond to such messages in the thread topic. As a result, there is no hierarchy of the discussions in the flow of topics. Different types of programs can allow this hierarchy, which will appear in the so-called regime of flows


The advantage of hierarchical threaded view that they allow the reader rapid assessment of the overall structure of conversation: who exactly is: to whom. As such it is very useful in situations involving extensive negotiations and discussions, such as teleconferencing. Another advantage is that the responses should be made to specific positions; they were also to specific individuals. In threaded discussions, as a rule, the author focus on the specific attitudes and personality of the individual response


A disadvantage of hierarchical over flat threading is an increasing degree of complexity, web chat and comment system, by comparison, the junior and accessible to a broad audience, and how such hierarchical Threading only recently become mainstream in these areas. It is not always so: when users are able to choose their own display mode, the hierarchical structure can be easily broken and unusable: Flat Community Threading your answer to add the last message by default, no matter what actually answered. This is a major disadvantage of the hierarchical view mode at any forum that can be viewed with a flat screen


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