Trojan(computer term)

What is Trojan?

Trojan is one of the viruses that introduces and affects computer if is not secured with authorised antivirus software. It is also known as Trojan Horse (computing)which is a mythical name from ancient Greeks.

How Trojan horse can be spread?

The malware developer of the virus uses different spamming techniques to spread the viruses through user email attachment. This virus can also be spread when users are chatting on Skype or Yahoo messenger. When the user of an infected computer tried to send document copy to other machines Trojan horse uses this method to distribute viruses.

How to get clear of Trojan virus on your computer?

Trojan virus can affect your computer in many forms, so to clear it you have to find out how the Trojan virus penetrates through your computer so that it will not happen again. The next thing to do is to check your anti-virus software if is in operation and is up-to-date. You can confirm your computer anti- virus software if it working correctly by running a system scans that will check your saved folders and files completely. Every computer needs frequent scanning and care to avoid unnecessary virus attack. Open control panel to delete unwanted data or files or unused icons on your desktop to enhance faster machine. Trust the files you share and who access your computer. Moreover know all your internet website history visited in order to keep away from unsafe website.

Manually Removing Any Trojan Horse Virus.trojan Zlob Virus Horse Removal

Types of anti-virus software

There are many anti virus software that can be purchased that will be compatible with your personal computer from computer accessories shop such as :
• Norton
• McAfee
• Avast
• Avira


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