What is Tumblr?
Tumblr is a social environment tool that can be used to communicate with others people who shares the same interest as you do. Here on Tumblr people who shares a passion for the web, art, musique, mode or photography can get together to discuss and share that passion with their followers.
Tumblr works similarly to twitter or facebook, you can follow the users and see their comments and every time they put a comment on a topic that you are following, that comment can be seen from your front page of Tumblr. On the same way the others followers can also see your comments on their home page of Tumblr every time you make a comment. People are allowed to write on your timeline if you give them the permission to do so. Mainly Tumblr is used to share images but like a blog you can publish anything you want but if you want your public to be interested in your topic then you should share the same passion as them and then you will have some followers who will like your work. In order to make your public to interact with you try to share with them a topic that will be interested by others than only you. For example try to share something like photos, clothes or even foods and then you will see that those topics are the most discussed and you will have a lots of followers.

Avoid posting things that are no interest to anyone if you want to motivate your followers and be very popular on the web. You can follow your popularity on Tumblr and see how many people follows you on Tumblr and how many people put comments on your topic. If you post an interesting topic or even an image of quality you will see that your followers will like it and this will increase your popularity on the web. If you publish something with no interest you will lose your followers and will bring very bad publicity to your page on Tumblr.

Tumblr gives you the option to post your comments and share them on your Facebook account or twitter. My personal advice is that you should these account separately without linking them or you timeline on each of these account will be overloaded. Do not forget Tumbler is different than Facebook or Twitter because you share your interest only here while Facebook or Twitter is used to communicate with your friends. You can also create separate pages on Facebook and Twitter about a certain interest but the purpose of Tumbler is only to share your passion and not to put your own pictures and talking to your friends about your daily life.

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Accessed 19/03/2013

By Suhirthan Vanniyasingam

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