Virtual worlds


A virtual world is a realm which takes place online whereby people join and meet people and play games online. It is a computer simulated network of computer dynamics which allows users to interact with the virtual world using the online community and the many characters and animals in the game. The virtual software is a form of escapism for some as it allows users to play and act out their very fantasies. For example some people want to be the king of a castle and want to protect it from evil. These sorts of adventures cannot be met in films or books and so people have found that 3D virtual games are the answer. This is like a representation of the real world in the virtual world and certain elements can be manipulated using the games on board tools and services.

Usually in virtual worlds you require an avatar, this is like an object or image of something that represents you like a fingerprint. The online community cannot see your face when you log in online and so you can be identified by your avatar, most people like to choose an avatar based on how they look but you can be whatever and however you want to be seen online using your avatar. The computer dynamics means that a sophisticated level of character motions can be elicited via the users input; the user can travel vast distances and even defy the laws of gravity. Such mechanics would appeal very much to those who like fantasising or dreaming as the 3D graphics makes the program look so believing.

How to use/play

The virtual world allows your character to feel emotion like love and pain in these games. Some of these emotions may not be felt in the real world and so therefore the virtual cities form as an outlet for users to express their natural feelings which in real life would not have been. These are all based under virtual pretences in a safe environment where the user determines the outcome of the storyline or plot as a result of the decisions they make in the story. The virtual games create an outlet for users with low self esteem and motivation to communicate with others online. Here you can be whatever and however you want to be and behave and no one will judge you. Virtual worlds represent virtual realities, fantasy worlds and wild imaginations.

The rules within the game are based on similar pretences of the real world whereby the user goes around communicating with others via text input, command actions, images and even VOIP. The online gaming community has amassed to thousands if not millions over the last decade mainly due to popular virtual software such as world of war-craft and Sims. The games are created by the users and their input is as important as any. The benefit of a large online community means that whenever a user has a problem with the game such as difficulty or mission levels than a quick instant message can be sent to another player of a higher ranking possibly and immediate help can be given from the online community.

These virtual realms or cyberspaces can are usually based on a reward punishment basis. The user wants to get from A to B or may want to achieve objective A but in doing so certain power-ups are needed, certain object may be required and so the user needs a form of currency which is given to the user each time a positive outcome has been met. However like any real world economics there is a possibility of the user to lose all their acknowledgements, achievements etc.


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