Web 2.0


Web 2.0 is harnessing collective intelligence.

What we see in fact that is happening on the web that an online software are used to service, like self organisation of communities such as “ Wikipedia, BitTorrent and Amozon web services use to collect information from the users of their services, It is true Web 2.0 application is one that gets better as more and more people use it. For example, Google get smarter every time someone uses and makes a link on the Internet. Also, whenever Google gets smarter person performing the search of any information get what they looking for easily, and it gets smarter every time someone clicks on advertising services on it and act immediately on this information to improve the experience of the other services that could be interest for different people. Each day that passes I think that people increasingly use the Internet and this is only important point to show that Bering the Net again to the desiccation of the Web 2.0 However, until recently, the techniques of most people that uses the Web are use of reading and writing on the World Wide Web and has been the widespread adoption of “Blogs, Wikis and other online reading and writing to guide generally, To me for example, writing in the Form of Social Tech Unity and everyone else reads and technology have been dealing with these cases to connect people and collect information. This is the part that harnesses the pure perception of reading and writing and the general public is just beginning to understand the World Wide Web Internet and intelligence the online Web uses.



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