Identity Cloning


Identity Cloning is a way of impersonating a person and living the life of that person who is the victim. The kind of information that they gather is where the victim was born (grew up), relationships they have (wife, children, etc), education background and more. This information is vital for the perpetrator because this information will help him/her to change their way of life to the victim’s way of life. The way they gather this information is from environments where security systems are not implemented properly such as in aeroplanes, lobbies in (hotels or public place), waiting rooms and social settings.

Why do people clone identities and how do they choose their victims?

The people who commit these crimes are those who were previously convicted with forgery or robbery. Amongst them are people who are running away from the law or people who are mentally ill. They have the ability to calculate their victim’s income and this gives them the opportunity to choose who to target. They mainly look for young people who are deceased so they can clone their identity and also look for professionals such as doctors and lawyers.

How do identity thieves use my information to impersonate me?

Identity cloners primarily target their victims by getting hold of identifying documentation rather than financial information. Fraudulent birth certificate and other document can get a driving license which can be used as proof of identification. After, they can get a passport; apply for credit cards, loans in the victims’ names.

How does an identity thief use my name and information?

They learn from their first victim, if they open an account and gets bankrupt they can open another one and avoid the problem they previously had. They will not choose one person they will clone 10s and 100s of people and try to live their life by opening bank accounts, applying for loans and many more ways of getting benefits.

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