What is Social Tagging?

((‘Social tagging allows users to employ their own language to organise and retrieve content, and encourages social collaboration between peers by making those tags visible to others.’)) ((Stephanie Lemieux, 2009))

Social tagging emerges as a solution for the user to find what they are looking for quicker. It allows the user to tag whatever they think it is important. Facebook employs Social tagging e.g. if the user discovers a picture which they are in, but is not on their profile, the user has to tag themselves on to the picture and they will automatically have the picture. This is also a technique to be identified when the picture is viewed by users. Social tagging employs users find the content they are looking for. You could also tag your own friends on Facebook.

Not only with Facebook, you also could tag various other things such as vacation photos, products, blog posts etc.


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