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World of Warcraft an MMO as it is known in the online world, played by millions of people around the world for hours on end. Spanning a choice of ten classes over two factions, players are able to choose a virtual existence that defines them as a person.

Through the years three new expansions have been released allowing players to enjoy new instances, upgrades to classes, exploration of new regions and much more.

As with any other Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMORPG) you create a character choosing from the range of classes available with in the two factions Horde and Alliance. This will be the toon that you will be playing with for the remainder of the game, you can go around completing quests, levelling and exploring the continents Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor and Northrend. Like quite a few of the MMO's available to play Wow require a monthly subscription.

Virtual goods in the real world

You would think that virtual good stay in the virtual world but that is not the case with Wow, on sites like ebay and Amazon people put up auctions for characters as well as gold which is the currency used.

There are various websites which offer these services to people who have money to spare, in some cases you get in game messages advertising the services that a particular website has to offer.




There are various wikis, websites and forums dedicated to WoW, it is where players can get advice from veterans about various things or even just plan out raids on instances.

If we talk about collaboration and cooperation then this is where all of it occurs, you get advice from someone who is half the world away and when raiding you are aiding and getting aided by someone you have never met but essentially everyone follows the instructions given by the leader to reach the proposed end.

Expansions and Patches

Since the end of the year 2001 it has become an online sensation, Blizzard have been loyal to its money making franchise releasing various patches to improve player experience but the main money maker is the expansions which broaden the already generous environment.

The latest expansion Cataclysm changed the whole perspective of WoW, it was like it had been given a new life, a new beginning. Blizzard had taken everything that people used addons for and combined it with the normal game interface.

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